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panoramic full visiual exhibit system
panoramic modular fabric exhibit sytem

panoramic ® is a new, revolutionary, modular exhibit system employing lightweight fabric graphics that cover the entire support structure for a full. seamless visual display. The system allows almost limitless designs whose components can be used for multiple configurations. This allows the same components and graphics be used for 10'x10', 10' x 20', 10' x 30' or any other exhibit space. There are a large range of accessory elements available such as counters, monitor stands, storage spaces, shelves, literature racks and lighting. Each exhibit system will be supplied with the appropriate robust transport cases for shipping. Please be sure to download the full descriptive literature and priced turnkey solutions catalogue using the links provided.

Click here for the panoramic® exhibit system brochure

Click here for the panoramic® lightbox brochure

Click here for the panoramic® priced Turnkey Solutions

Seamless fabric graphics

The panoramic ® exhibit system offers a seamless fabric graphic, completely covering the display structure

modular aluminum profiles

The basic structure of the panoramic ® system employs versatile aluminum profiles that allow a multitude of configurations. The profiles will be supplied with pre-mounted connectors allowing a quick assembly without tools.

fabric graphic lightbox LED lights

The panoramic ® lightbox adds another dimension to the possibilities. The structural profiles can be equipped with LED optics with specifically designed for optimal color rendering of the light diffusing fabric graphics. The light boxes can be employed as free standing units, wall elements, canopies and hanging signs. They are lightweight and energy efficient.

curved modular exhibit system design

The modular structural profiles are also available for curved shapes. There is virtually no limit to the possibilities of the exhibit design.

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